What are the Conditions Acupuncture Treats?

Acupuncture clinics in Miami area offer has been assisting in treating conditions of all kinds for over 3,000 years. It is one of the most respected techniques used for Traditional Chinese Medicine and has become so popular you might even find your treatment is covered by your medical insurance benefits plan. Acupuncture can be used to treat symptoms, avoid the development of serious medical conditions and even assist with improved mental health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine works on the assumption that the human body requires a continuous uninterrupted flow of energy through the body called qi. Acupuncture helps to clear the body of blockages with the insertion of tiny needles applied to specific points in the body. It will help to stimulate specific areas of the body to improve function and clear issues. You feel little to no pain or discomfort during treatment and many acupuncturists offer acupressure using fingers or other instruments instead of needles.


Your qi consists of meridians that run through your body. Your energy flows through the meridians and when you are ill it is because you have a blockage of your energy flow. When acupuncture is applied it releases these blockages and returns your natural flow. However what is the most effective about Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it does not treat the symptoms. Instead it looks at all of your symptoms and how they relate to your qi in order to not relieve symptoms but instead cure your body of what is causing the symptoms to occur.

Your Complete Systems

The philosophy used by Traditional Chinese Medicine allows you to seek treatment for many issues including problems with chronic pain, medical conditions and mental stress and depression. The philosophy treats mind, body and soul to promote balance in your entire body function from the nervous system to the digestive system and your all important immune system as well as your cardiovascular health. The endocrine system is also treated. This means you can seek treatment that will resolve issues that you might have been suffering from for much of your life such as headaches, tummy troubles, skin rashes and even mental issues such as panic and anxiety attacks.


In order to accomplish the best results your acupuncturist will look at your health history in order to ascertain what treatment is required. In some cases you will require a few appointments and in others you will need more. Cases such as migraine headaches will benefit from having preventive treatments on a regular basis. Many people who undergo acupuncture treatment enjoy the experience and continue to receive regular treatments to experience optimum health.

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