Children’s Dentistry in Omaha NE: Three Reasons to Visit an Office Near You

There are several reasons why parents should consider taking their children to a children’s dentistry in Omaha NE. Your first thought is likely to get dental cleanings and exams, but there are other reasons why parents should take their children too. Parents who do not know the other reasons may find themselves with children who experience loss of teeth or oral diseases. You can ensure that your child is not one of these unfortunate children by knowing what to look for between dental appointments. Do not think that this means that you will always need to be on high alert for problems. There are many instances where parents just need to be able to recognize issues.

Stained Teeth

Your child may have teeth that appear stained as a result of tartar or decay being present. They may also have stained teeth after eating certain foods. Plaque stained teeth are indicative of mouths that need brushing. Deep stains that penetrate the enamel of teeth could be a sign of teeth that need attention from your child’s dentist. Keep in mind that there are also circumstances where your child may take medications that cause their teeth to become stained. A dentist is the best resource to use for determining why your child has stained teeth.

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Knocked Out Teeth

Unfortunate circumstances happen. You child may get their teeth knocked out at some point. This is a moment of panic for many parents. You need to decide if the teeth should be salvaged. Some dentists agree that if the teeth are not permanent teeth, parents should not worry. If they are, care should be taken to preserve the roots of the teeth. If the roots of the teeth die, there is not a way to reinsert them. Preserve the teeth by placing them in milk or saliva. It sounds disgusting, but it works.


Ensure that you take all reports of pain from your children seriously. It is easy to assume that they are only looking for attention. Pain could be a sign of infection. It could also be a sign that a childerens denitsry in Omaha NE needs to examine your child’s mouth for cavities or other issues.

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