What to Expect with Visiting a Veterinary Hospital in Queens, NY

by | Jul 5, 2013 | Health

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When your pet is sick, it’s important to take them to a veterinary hospital Queens NY. The veterinarians can check your dog or cat over for any problems and can find out what is causing the illness. Even if you think you know what is wrong, it may be important to find out what the underlying cause is. There are a few things that the veterinarian will look at when you bring your dog or cat in while they are ill.

The first is a visual exam. They will check the weight of the animal, as well as take a look at their eyes, ears, tail, and anything else on the outside of the dog. They may be looking for problems with their eyesight, mites or other common ailments in the animals ears, worms near the tail area, or possibly ticks and fleas on the animal. They will also check the mouth and teeth to make sure that the dog or cat is not anemic and needing to be taken back immediately for extra fluids. Many times this part of the check up can find the problem, and the veterinarian will be able to give you medication to help your pet.

Once they have checked your dog or cat thoroughly for any issues that can easily be seen, they will take a stool sample and a blood sample. Between these two tests they will be able to tell what is wrong internally with the dog or cat. Both of these tests can usually be done in the veterinarian’s office, but they may want to send the samples to a lab for further testing. These tests can alert the veterinarian of problems like worms, viruses, organ failure, diseases from pests, and other problems that may not be able to be seen on the outside of the animal.

By going to a veterinary hospital you can be sure that your pet will be thoroughly checked over before returning home. The veterinarians will help to make sure there are no hidden causes of the illness so that they can recover quickly. If your animal is sick, taking them for a full check up to find the cause is extremely important, because you may not be able to see what is wrong without the different lab tests a veterinarian can do.

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