Design Aspects of Aquatic Features

Aquatic features of countless styles can be found in a number of locations including spas, hotels, resorts, gyms, schools and daycare centers. Those who enjoy the benefits of such features often fail to realize the amount of consideration and planning involved before construction may begin.

Aquatic Consulting services play a key role in the design of pools, water based spa features, fountains and other elements. Aesthetics are one of the first aspects a consultant will provide advice on. While a Spa Consulting Manhattan service would assist in the design of a warm, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere to accommodate adults in search of a tranquil environment, other clients will present differing requirements.

An owner of a daycare center who is considering installing a pool would need to display a fun, exciting theme geared toward toddlers and children whereas aquatic consultants would be more concerned with the basic functionality of a pool designed for a school swim team or for exercise puropses within a gym. Consultants considering a fountain to be placed in a hotel lobby would have the responsibility of helping design a feature that would draw attention and become a conversation piece. Click us at American Leisure for more information on our services.

Visual aspects are important, but emphasis must be placed on the safety of these features as well. From those only meant to be viewed to those being utilized by the public, all are required to conform to building and safety codes. Aquatic features should include adequate filling, drainage and filtering equipment. Secure passages must be provided for entry to and exit from such features. All pieces must offer structural integrity in order to ensure safety and longevity of the piece in question.

Spa Consulting Manhattan includes far more than characteristic, water based features. Consultants for this genre would assist in the design of the entire spa facility, concentrating on exterior architecture, floor plan, suite arrangement, interior design, color scheme and a number of other factors.

Whether the client is building a world class spa and resort or installing an Olympic style swimming pool in a sports arena, an aquatic consultant is responsible for establishing the beauty, safety and functionality of the structure and its features.

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