3 Elements Used by a Landscaping Company for Professional Design

Custom landscaping is a process that requires careful planning, an artistic eye and patience to turn the garden of your dreams into a reality. Landscaping incorporates a large number of elements for recreating your garden, and a complete design can never be created if you are only focusing on one aspect of the design. As any Landscaping Company will tell you, you must consider several different factors to create harmony, balance and an overarching theme for your garden to make the impression that you truly desire. Here are three of the most important elements of good landscape design.

The most obvious factor to consider when doing custom landscaping for your garden is plant life. Like any man-made features of your garden, plant life will have a great effect on your garden’s overall atmosphere. Plants can be planted in rigid, straight lines to direct the viewer’s eye to the most important features of your garden, or they can be planted in loose, circular patterns to promote an informal feel. You cannot always simply choose the plants that you like best, as it is necessary to consider what would go best with the theme of your garden.

Walkways are the primary way factor in guiding you or a guest through your garden. There are many different materials that you can choose for your walkways, such as gravel, slate, concrete or limestone, and each material will come with its own unique texture, color and personality that must blend with the rest of your garden. A good Landscaping Company will be able to recommend the right material for your garden based on its workability and price, but you must also be sure you are choosing a material that you find visually appealing.

Your patio is the heart of your garden. It is the part of your garden that you will find yourself in most frequently, and its design is of utmost importance for your satisfaction. Patios can be squared off or rounded, open or sheltered and have several different kinds of furniture and other features to create a unique look. Finding the perfect patio for your garden involves making a lot of choices, and it is best to contact a professional landscaping team, such as Creative Environments, for recommendations and examples that will lead you in the right direction.

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