3 Reasons Why the Courthouse is Better Than Church

While some couples dream of having a huge, elaborate wedding, others either can’t afford it or simply would rather forego the fuss and expense. This can actually be a great choice, depending on your needs and desires. Here are three reasons why a courthouse wedding is potentially preferable to the church.

1. It’s Cheaper

The bottom line is that a court marriage is cheaper than shelling out lots of money for a church ceremony and then the reception afterward. However, that doesn’t mean the actual occasion is any less important, but rather that any money you save you can put toward things that might be far more important, whether it’s a big honeymoon vacation or part of the down payment on a home. Some couples also simply can’t afford to have a huge, elaborate wedding, and the courthouse can still be formal and fun without all the associated cost.

2. Keeping It Special

Although getting married in court is much quicker and more straightforward than a ceremony, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be special. For example, Glamour recommends that you should still send out invitations, even if you’re not having a ceremony in a church with all the bells and whistles. For brides, wearing a wedding dress can elevate the occasion to something more memorable, and make you feel confident and formal.

3. Less Stress

Simply stated, handling a court marriage is much less stressful than trying to coordinate a huge, complex affair. While you may invite friends and family to be witnesses, there isn’t hundreds of invitations and RSVPs to keep track of, guest lists to deal with, or the cost of a wedding planner. This allows you to focus on the reception, if you want to have one, and the actual event of getting married.

It’s extremely common for couples who want to avoid the fuss and expenses associated with a large wedding to simply go down the courthouse. How you conduct the process, however, is up to you, and can be as simple or detailed as you wish.

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