3 Repair Methods to Fix Cracks in the Concrete on Your Naples Property

If you don’t get prompt concrete repair in Naples, FL, any cracks in your concrete surfaces will continue to worsen. The same is true for potholes and other damages that your concrete surfaces suffer over time. Your contractor can use a variety of different methods to repair your concrete surfaces, so the best way to know the scope of the project is to request a repair estimate.

Patching Concrete Temporarily Fixes Cracks and Holes

If you’re looking for a quick and cost-effective fix, you can ask your contractor to simply patch the hole or crack. While this is an effective method, it probably won’t last long. Eventually, you’ll have to choose a more permanent option. While other alternatives might cost more, they will save you money by giving you a long-term solution you can trust.

Caulking Prevents Future Moisture Damage

One fix that’s more permanent is the use of concrete caulking material. This type of caulk is specifically designed to bond with concrete. It won’t chip or erode over time, and it will provide an effective barrier against moisture. Since moisture can erode concrete once it gets into a crack or hole, caulking serves as a permanent barrier against future damage.

Epoxy or Polyurea Fills Gaps in Interior Concrete

Your garage or basement floor will eventually need concrete repair in Naples, FL. A concrete contractor can use epoxy or polyurea to fill these interior cracks since moisture won’t be a concern. These filler options fill the gap or hole while strengthening the integrity of the concrete.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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