3 Signs That You Should Invest in a New Air Conditioning Unit

All good things must come to an end. That applies to air conditioning systems as well as everything else. How’s your system working these days? If any of the following is happening, it’s time to think about a brand new AC installation Oak Ridge NJ.

The Unit is Well Over a Decade Old

Ten years is the average life of most home heating and cooling systems. You’re not sure exactly how old the current unit happens to be, but it’ definitely well past that mark. Even though it seems to be running fine, call a contractor and start checking into pricing for a replacement unit. If the system does fail, you’ll already have a replacement plan waiting in the wings.

The Energy Efficiency is Slipping

The system is definitely using more energy than in the past. Nothing is unusual about the weather, but the consumption is up by a significant margin. While it’s true that a repair might reverse the problem, this type of thing with an older system is usually reason enough to think about a new AC installation Oak Ridge NJ.

There’s New and Disturbing Noises

Over the last few months, the present unit started making new sounds when it cycled on or off. There’s also a thumping noise when the unit’s running. Call a contractor and find out what’s going on. If all the noise is due to a failing unit, start thinking about investing in a fresh AC installation Oak Ridge NJ as soon as possible.

Is something happening with your present air conditioning system? Call a professional today and arrange for an inspection. If the results indicate that it would take a lot of money to repair the present unit, do ask for a quote for replacing the system. You may find that investing in a new one will not be much more expensive than the repairs.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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