3 Tips to Help College Students Find a Pet-Friendly Apartment

The hunt for a new apartment can be especially challenging for renters that own pets or hope to get a pet after moving in. While some apartments do allow pets if renters pay a certain fee, it’s easier to start your hunt by searching for apartments and neighborhoods that already welcome pets.

Read on to learn the best tips to find apartments that are pet-friendly and designed with animals in mind.

Consider Pet-Friendly Apartments

The best apartments for pet owners aren’t just those that won’t fine renters for having a pet indoors, but those designed with pet owners in mind.

The right pet-friendly apartments near LSU are those that are already built with amenities like pet washing stations, poop bag disposals, and parks on the premises. Keeping an eye out for these amenities will bring you closer to the right apartment for you and your pet.

Research Neighborhood Features

Other considerations to keep in mind when looking for pet-friendly apartments near LSU are neighborhoods with pet-friendly features. An apartment that is situated in a community with pet-friendly businesses is ideal for a renter hoping to live a comfortable lifestyle with their pets.

For example, a community that includes restaurants, art galleries, and other businesses that allow pets to come inside or sit outside will be a more comfortable neighborhood for pet owners.

Keep Financial Considerations in Mind

As you search for a pet-friendly apartment, keep in mind that you may have to pay a non-refundable pet fee. As these fees differ depending on the landlord, it’s important to discuss this detail when researching various apartments.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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