3 Trends in Custom Mobile Application Development

As more of the world gains access to mobile devices, the field of custom mobile application development in Illinois has begun to develop at a more rapid pace. It is difficult to predict the directions that such a dynamic field might take, but these three trends to watch for in mobile application development will keep any developer at the front of the line.

More Variety in Operating Systems

There’s no doubt that Android and iOS are the current kings of mobile operating systems, but the landscape is beginning to change. Windows Phone is gaining some traction, while new contenders like Nokia’s Sailfish and Mozilla’s Firefox OS could make inroads. While increased options are often good for consumers, the resulting market fragmentation potentially stretches development teams too thin, leaving some markets underserved. When it comes to truly customized mobile applications, it remains to be seen if developers are able to find a way to serve these new audiences.

Multiscreen Isn’t Just for Movie Theaters

While emerging and rural markets are exploding with first-time mobile users, more developed markets are adding mobile connections as well. In these areas, existing customers are bringing secondary devices to their households. Going forward, mobile application development in Illinois will need to take this into account, and apps will need to span multiple screens, devices, and possibly even multiple operating systems.

There’s another kind of secondary screen on the horizon – the wearable device. Often designed to integrate with mobile devices, wearable technology can deliver elements of biofeedback and a fun dash of science fiction. As these devices become more popular, demand will grow for customized mobile applications that make the most of their potential. At the same time, decreased power consumption and increased processor speeds mean that before long, wearable devices will be able to handle their own mobile applications. Development on that front will no doubt continue to push the boundaries of what is possible as fast as new wearable tech emerges.

The Internet of Things

Google’s purchase of Nest banished any lingering doubts that the internet is headed into every home in a ground-breaking format. In the same way that customers will be able to interact with the mobile technology surrounding them, mobile application developers will deliver apps that connect to the increasing number of household items that have some online presence.

From the variety in new mobile operating systems to the proliferation of multiple screens and the ever-increasing number of wired devices around (and on) consumers, the newest trends in custom mobile application development are all about having more options. Developers will face new challenges as mobile penetration continues to increase and evolve. Only time will tell what the next area of development will be! Regardless of your business, there is a native mobile application that will help grow your brand, and you can trust EXTEND GROUP to create the perfect app for you.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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