4 Considerations For Food Industry Scales In Dallas, TX

There are many different types of scales used in the Dallas, TX food processing industry. There are automated scales used on packaging lines to provide precise amounts of food into pouches and bags for packaging. There are also large scales that are used in batching and blending, ideal for large scale commercial food production.

Quality of the Scale

Finding the right food industry scales starts with understanding what you need. In most applications where the food or the ingredients will be in processing lines and in direct contact with the scale, food grade stainless steel scales will be required.

These are food industry scales that are durable, designed to eliminate areas where contaminants and microorganisms can collect on the scale as well as to tolerate wash down and disinfecting as needed. They are also highly resistant to corrosion and can be used in any type of processing environment.

Scale Capacity

Food scales can be designed to weight light items, or they can be designed to handle heavy loads when measuring the bulk ingredients. Regardless of the weight range you need, carefully review the capacity of the scale and the tolerance for weighing over capacity. Always purchase a scale that has a good overweight capacity to extend the scale life.

Ease of Maintenance

Take a close look at the overall design of the scale and the maintenance requirements. The simple designs are going to be easier to clean and maintain than highly complex scales. Consider if there is a need for portability as well or if the scale will be installed and kept in one location.

Display and Control

In any Dallas, TX food production facility, having the ability to easily read and control the scale will be a must. On automated lines, this may be done by software programs, but there is still typically a display unit and control options at the scale itself.

Look for easy and intuitive features and controls as well as a clear display that eliminates the risk of misreading the weight. The top scales also allow for conversion to different weights, the options to tare the scale and even for running different programs right from the controller.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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