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4 Signs Your Home’s Insulation is Shot

Whether you’re selling or buying property, one of the most important things you’ll need to do is go over the house and check it for signs of problems.

Insulation problems can happen over time. That could be responsible for the air leaks in the home, the Reader’s Digest says. Here are a few other signs that your insulation is fried. You’ll need to hire contractors that offer repair services for residential insulation in Lancaster PA, sooner rather than later.


If you smell something that’s close to gunpowder, that could be from a fried circuit board or motor fan. It could be an indication that your heater may have frayed electrical wiring or the system may have mechanical problems. The best thing to do is to hire pros for residential insulation in Lancaster PA to check the situation. A professional can easily determine the extent of the damage, repair the problem and get your insulation back on track.

Fluctuating temps

That could be due to air leaks in the property. Insulation experts can patch up the problem areas. If the problems are much too severe, though, your contractors may suggest installing a better insulation system, one that will ensure stable temperature conditions in the property.

Sky-high bills

If you have sky-high bills, that’s another sign that the property may have poor insulation. If there’s plenty of heat loss inside, then you may have a lot of air leaks to deal with. Get pros to fix the problem for you. Get it done as soon as possible so you can start seeing your heating and cooling bills shrink.

Unwanted guests

If the property has problems with birds, mice, squirrels and other unwanted guests living under your roof, those are clear signs that your insulation may have been compromised. Hire pros to fix it for you.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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