6 Ways to Prevent Transmission Breakdown

Prevent transmission breakdown. Read on for tips you’re sure to find handy.

Understand why

Knowing how your transmission is slipping can help you figure out what’s wrong with your car. It can also help you make better maintenance decisions. Consider this: if the problems are caused by low transmission fluid, then you know things will only get worse if the transmission gets hotter, the Axle Addict says. That means you can find ways to keep that from happening, saving yourself from a potentially expensive problem.

Use the correct fluid

No, not all transmission fluids are the same. That’s why it’s important that you learn the right fluid for your vehicle. If you use the wrong one, that could lead to transmission problems pretty quick.

Maintain the right fluid levels

Overfilling your transmission is bad. It can lead to foam formation, which could affect lubrication and lead to transmission damage. Avoid all those potential problems simply by maintaining the right level for your fluids.

Keep the heat out

Heat can compromise your transmission. Finding ways to avoid excess heat in your transmission system, then, is a good move. Find better parking spaces. Keep your AC in tip-top shape. That includes replacing those clogged filters. Something as simple as a faulty filter could mess up your car’s AC unit, affect your transmission and lead to a slew of problems.

Don’t DIY it

Those troubleshooting videos make it look easy. But if you suspect you’re dealing with transmission problems, then ditch the DIY attempt. Get pros for transmission repair in Grand Prairie to handle the problem.

Play it safe

Stay on the safe side of things. If you get a sign that points to any trouble or problems with your transmission system, get your car to a service facility for transmission repair in Grand Prairie, and have the problem checked out by an expert.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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