A few things to know about ground support equipment

You may have heard about ground support equipment before and if you always asked yourself what this refers to, well, one example is when you go board a plane and there’s that small car that will park at just the right angle so that you can get in and eventually out of the plane. However, if you happen to know a bit about this type of equipment, then you know the basics and that is why below we’re going to take a closer look at ground support equipment in the attempt to understand it even better.

Fuel Trucks

If we were to live in a perfect world, then we would have a special gas station where airplanes will pull in order to refuel. While this is impossible right now, it sure does make you wonder how the world would be if it were. However, there are many other factors that will basically makes this impossible under many other circumstances and that is why in order to fuel airplanes, fuel trucks are used. These trucks are designed for this specific task alone, so they have a certain size and may also work in a much different way compared to regular trucks. Regardless, they have a very important task which needs to be carried with care while trying to avoid mishaps as much as possible.

Lavatory Carts and Trucks

To eliminate the waste that has accumulated while the airplane was used, aircraft ground support is vital. While this is not a complicated process, it does take some time and in order to make sure that everything is done in order to preserve certain sanitation levels, great care and specific steps have to be taken. For example on every airplane that has a toilet, you’ll find a built in storage tank which contains a certain amount of blue liquid (disinfectant). This will ensure that the tank itself can be kept sanitary with each use. Lavatory tanks feature a long vacuum hose which will transfer the waste from the previously mentioned tank in their own tank and then dispose of it properly. With that being said, these are the main aspects you need to know about ground support equipment.

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