A Hurst Bondsman Provides Assistance When Staying in Jail Would Mean a Long Wait

A surety bond guarantees that an obligation will be met, and if it is not, financial compensation will be paid. A Hurst Bondsman is in the business of providing bail bonds to customers who want to see their loved ones be freed from jail before trial. This is an alternative to cash bail, as clients typically only have to pay 10 percent of bail as a fee for the bond. The fee is nonrefundable, however, unlike cash bail.

Examples of Felony Behavior

Defendants can be accused of a broad range of felonies that lead to their arrest. Some are nonviolent, such as shoplifting above a certain dollar value, stealing a car, or carrying heroin for personal use. Others cause harm or convey the threat of harm to someone else. Aggravated assault and armed robbery are two examples.

Detainment Before Conviction

Although defendants and their families may feel it’s unfair for the person to be detained without conviction, they may feel better when realizing that the U.S. criminal justice system tends to be fairer than most worldwide. In many other countries, residents can be detained for a very long time without even being charged with any crime.

Overloaded Dockets

One big problem in this country is the overloaded court dockets. This makes the district attorneys feel pressure to negotiate plea bargains. The length of time it takes to wait for a trial results in defendants feeling they essentially have to plead guilty or stay behind bars.

Payment Arrangements

Unlike the court system, a Hurst Bondsman takes into account the person’s ability to pay. The court does not care whether $10,000 in bail is far too high for the defendant to afford and will hold that person in jail until trial although the individual has not been convicted of a crime. A bonding agency generally allows payments by credit card and installment agreements. Collateral may be required in some instances.

Bail bonding agents know that, sometimes, innocent people are arrested for criminal activity. They also understand that sometimes good people make poor judgment calls with their behavior and get caught in felonious activity. Anyone who needs assistance may Contact Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds Today.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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