A Local Carpet Cleaner Company in Huntertown, IN Helps Pet Owners Eliminate Stains and Odors

Dogs not only harm grass when they urinate on it, they also cause fabric stains when they have an accident on the carpeting. A local carpet cleaner company in Huntertown IN can spruce up all the carpeting in the home and treat stubborn stains with special products.

Problems Dogs Cause

Puppies are usually the biggest problem when it comes to accidents on the floor, but adult dogs sometimes leave a mess too. The owner might not have been able to get home within the expected time frame. Dogs can get sick and unintentionally leave messes. Elderly canine companions may become somewhat incontinent. Sometimes, stains can be prevented if the owners are home and clean up quickly after the incident, but that isn’t always the case.

When customers have several pets, occasional deep cleaning by a Local Carpet Cleaner Company in Huntertown IN may be advisable. Even if dogs don’t have any unfortunate incidents with relieving themselves on the fabric, they can make the carpet dirty in other ways.

Dogs track in sand, dirt, mud, and organic debris from outside. It can be difficult to effectively vacuum every bit of dirt a dog brings in, and light-colored carpets start to look dingy over time as the materials are embedded into the fibers. Most canine creatures also shed hair.

Problems Cats Create

Sometimes, dogs and their owners have feline friends living in the abode. Although the housecats may not go outside, they can easily transport bits of clay or other materials from litter pans as they roam the house. Tiny particles get stuck in the crevasses of their paws. Many cats also are prone to regurgitating hairballs onto the floor, which also can stain fabric if not removed promptly.

Hopefully, the cats do not ever urinate on the carpeting. However, professional cleaning workers from a company such as Carpet Masters can get the stain and odor out if the problem was just a brief incident and has not been ongoing for a long time. Contact us for quotes and information, and be sure to mention any stains that have been caused by pets so the technicians know which cleaning products and equipment to bring.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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