A Need for Residential or Commercial Roofers in Gig Harbor, Washington

by | Sep 14, 2017 | roofing

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When a person is building a new home or already has an established home, he or she will need a roofer at some point. The same information applies to commercial customers when they are building or repairing a structure. If the establishment is new, the customer will want to consult a roofer to determine the best type of roof for the structure. There are residential and commercial Roofers in Gig Harbor who will help customers decide on options for their roofs.

Types of Roofs Available

There are many roofs for a customer to choose from, and each one will be determined by the purpose the roof is designed to serve. There is the standard flat roof, which many commercial establishments choose for its simplicity. There is the mansard roof, which is made of four slopes (with two on each side of the home), that is designed to add additional living space at the top of the house. There is also the gambrel roof, which has the vertical ends gabled.

More Types of Roofs for Customers

There is the pyramid roof which is typically used on smaller structures, such as pool houses or free-standing garages. Another type of roof which may be seen popularly in the European culture is the cross-gabled roof, which looks like triangles from the front of the home. Another type of roof which will add aesthetic value to the home overall is called the arched roof, and it is popularly used on only a portion of the whole house. Finally, there is the skillion roof, which is used on multi-leveled homes a lot and features a single slope.

Getting a Roofer to Help

If the customer has trouble deciding which type of roof will best suit his or her particular needs, Hanley Construction is a roofing company that provides roofing solutions. The company has been in business for more than 37 years and offers customers free estimates when they have trouble deciding which way to go. Any residential or commercial customers who need Roofers in Gig Harbor can touch base with the company at the website, website url.

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