Accidents Can Happen At Any Time, Anywhere

By nature, accidents are unpredictable. You can be carving the Thanksgiving turkey only for the knife to slip and cut your finger. On the other end of the scale, you can be on your way home from work and be broadsided by a drunk driver. Yes, both of these are accidents but in only one case will you need to hire Chicago accident attorneys; the one involving the car.

When you mention the word accident most people immediately think of a vehicle accident of some sort, this is understandable as there are so many of them. There are however many other types of accidents that can also result in litigation. You can be walking on a public sidewalk, trip and fall over a broken section of concrete. Perhaps you are out walking after supper and you are attacked and bitten by a dog. These incidents are accidents and they have a common denominator; negligence.

What is negligence and what is the effect of it?

Negligence or an act of negligence is when an individual or an entity does not take reasonable care to ensure that others are not subjected to unwanted harm. Should an individual be injured and the injury is directly related to an act of negligence then the injured party has the right to demand compensation for that which is a direct result of the act.

In an accident where there is bodily harm the injured party can reasonably expect that all medical bills and lost wages are taken into account and are to be paid directly by the negligent party or his or her insurance company. In many cases there is much more to it than that, this is one reason why experienced Chicago accident attorneys should be contacted as quickly as possible after the accident. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to do anything they can to mitigate a claim; they often will even visit the hospital and attempt to convince the injured party to settle. The settlement they offer is never as good as it should be, an attorney will be the first to tell the client never to entertain signing anything, don’t even answer any questions posed by the agent.

An injury which has been caused by the neglect of another may end up causing extreme pain and emotional damage for a long time to come, for this you need to be compensated. There is a chance that you will never return to the job you held prior to the accident; this can have a significant impact on your future earnings. There are a host of things that need to be accounted for and Chicago accident attorneys are in a position to guide and assist you to ensure that you get an award which takes into account the full impact of the injury.

If you are involved in an accident where there is negligence, you will need the assistance of Chicago accident attorneys. You are invited to contact the Shea Law Group to discuss your situation.

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