Allow Dentistry Services in Middleburg, VA to Protect the Health of Your Smile

Keeping a healthy smile is not only important for a person’s appearance. When a person neglects their oral health, it can have lasting repercussions on the health of their entire body. By brushing and flossing each day, a person can go a long way towards avoiding gum disease and cavities. When this practice is followed up with seeking Dentistry Middleburg VA, twice a year, a person’s smile can be fully protected.

When a person seeks Dentistry Middleburg VA, they can rest assured their oral health is screened, treated and protected. The dentist first will have the dental hygienist to clean the teeth. Though a person may brush and floss daily, they can often miss certain areas of their smile. These areas quickly become vulnerable to plaque and tartar buildup that can cause decay.

The cleaning techniques carried out by the dental hygienist are thorough and safe. She will scrape the teeth and remove any unhealthy buildup so the teeth are completely clean. The teeth will also be carefully flossed to ensure no residue is between them that could cause decay to start.

Before the patient is sent to the dentist, the hygienist carefully does a preliminary check of the patient’s teeth, gums, and tongue, and takes note of any obvious issues found so the dentist can review them.
If the patient is over the age of five, X-rays will be taken. X-rays are invaluable for showing the dentist any oral health concerns that may be developing. This often allows the dentist to be able to find and treat issues before they cause major damage to a person’s oral health.

As a part of the treatment received through Dentistry Middleburg VA, the patient will also have a full examination and a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a crucial mineral for protecting the health of the teeth by strengthening the enamel.

With all of these preventative care treatments, patients can rest assured their smiles are properly protected. To schedule an appointment for your treatment, contact Gainesville Dental Associates right away. They will work to protect the health and beauty of your smile for life. Browse the website for more details.

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