An Alternative to Hardwood: 3 Reasons to Choose Engineered-Wood Flooring in Bethesda

Traditional hardwood flooring might be the classic choice for homeowners in Bethesda, but engineered-wood flooring is another popular option for those interested in Hard Surface Flooring. Introduced in the 1980’s, this hardwood substitute has several advantages over natural hardwood. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of engineered-wood flooring, and visit Renaissance Floor and Carpet for more information on wood flooring in Bethesda Maryland.

Easy Installation

One of the major draws of engineered-wood flooring is its easy installation. For homeowners looking to save money on expensive installation costs, engineered wood is an excellent choice. Unlike traditional hardwood, engineered wood can be quickly installed by the average home handyman. The planks easily snap into place over a layer of foam rubber, and there’s no need for messy glue or labor-intensive hardware like nails. Engineered-wood flooring can even be placed over most existing flooring if the conditions are ideal.


Engineered-Wood Flooring in Bethesda is much more durable and resilient than traditional hardwood, making it an ideal choice for rooms that see a lot of wear-and tear or foot traffic, like the kitchen. This type of flooring is constructed by gluing multiple layers of wood together with an extra-strong finished veneer, so the final product can resist scratches, warping and splitting much better than easily-damaged hardwood. Active families with pets and children often find engineered-wood flooring to be a superior substitute to hardwood because it can better handle their accidents and activity over the years.

Style Choices

Engineered-wood flooring is also popular because of the many style options it provides. It’s available in dozens of types of both hard and soft wood, and there are several plank styles to choose from. For those trying to mimic the look of traditional hardwood, three-strip planks are the way to go. Engineered wood is also offered in a one-plank style for those who like the look of a wider board, and a two-plank style for those who enjoy narrow floorboards.

If you love the look of hardwood but are worried about its installation and durability, give engineered-wood flooring a try. It’s a great choice for homeowners looking for easy installation and maintenance, and it replicates the look of traditional wood flooring beautifully.

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