Bail Bond Services in Oklahoma Allow Defendants Some Pretrial Justice

A number of organizations are working to help the nation’s court systems achieve a better balance between justice for defendants before the trial and community safety. Thousands of men and women are held in local and county jails at any given time only because they cannot afford bail. They do not pose a danger to the community and are not flight risks, yet they cannot regain their freedom without the assistance of Bail Bond Services in Oklahoma.

Advocates for Defendants

Organizations as diverse as Prison Policy Initiative, the Justice Policy Institute, and the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies are just a few of the groups involved in this mission. Bail Bond Services in Oklahoma are not necessarily focused on bail reform in the judicial system, but they do have a mission of helping defendants gain pretrial release from jail.

Another organization, Equal Justice Under the Law, has been successfully challenging the setting of bail above what a defendant can pay, citing the practice as unconstitutional. Often, these bail amounts are not set by a judge. Instead, they are printed on an automatic schedule developed by the jurisdiction, listing specific dollar figures for dozens or even hundreds of offenses.

A Citizen’s Right

Pretrial release for anyone who is not a significant flight risk or a likely danger to the community should be a U.S. citizen’s right, according to all of these groups. It should not be based on the person’s financial situation so that they have to seek help from an agency like A Absolute Bail Bonds. The organizations see the economic aspect of bail as inherently unfair, as it strongly favors citizens with higher incomes. Also, defendants who have been released before trial are statistically more likely to have a favorable outcome in their case.

When someone needs to help, a loved one get out of jail and is looking for information on bonding services, checking the agency’s Facebook page can be insightful. This will give a sense of how satisfied the clients are with the service. The person then feels reassured about contacting that particular agency about such an important matter.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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