Beat the Heat with a Sun Control Window Film

Glass windows help make your home bright and beautiful. At the workplace, having a corner office lined with windows overlooking the city is a dream. Large stunning windows let the natural light in and bring warmth to your interior. A sun control window film is the ideal protection to allow the natural light in without the harmful UV rays.

UV Rays Cause Damage

The sun emits powerful UV rays that are damaging to your skin and eyes. UV rays can also damage your interior furniture, pictures, and documents. Have you ever noticed paper faded from the sun? Have you noticed sun spots on your furniture? A 3M sun control window film will reduce glare, invite the natural sunlight in, and protect against harmful UV rays. The 3M sun control window film prestige series provides an exceptionally clear view during the day and night.

Reduce Heat

In the hot summer months, having large windows will greatly increase the temperature of your home. You will have to keep your air conditioning up at a higher setting with the hot sun beating in through the windows. A sun control window film will help you cut energy and electric costs. It will decrease the temperature of your home during the warm summer months. If you live in a hot climate, it is extremely beneficial to have sun control windows throughout the entire year. It will minimize the hots spots and temperature irregularities in each room.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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