Benefits Of Above Ground, Pools In Houston

Installing a pool in the backyard is a great way for a homeowner to cool off during the summer and to bring their family together. Having a pool means no more long trips to crowded beaches or swimming in the community pool with 50 strangers. When many homeowners decide to install a pool in their yard, their minds automatically go to inground pools. What they don’t realize is that there are plenty benefits of installing Above Ground Pools in Houston.

Lower Cost

One of the major benefits of installing an above ground pool is the money the homeowner can save. The installation of an above ground pool alone can save the homeowner thousands of dollars. Also, it can save a great deal of money in maintenance. Since above ground pools are smaller than inground pools, the homeowner wouldn’t need to spend as much money on chemicals. Also, the filter wouldn’t need to run as long, saving money on the energy bill.

Easy Installation

Inground pool installation is expensive and time-consuming. A large hole needs to be dug in the ground and then filled in with concrete. This can take days or possibly weeks. The construction of an above ground pool can be completed in a day.

Safer Alternative

Above ground pools are safer than inground pools. If the gate around the pool isn’t closed properly, a small child or a pet can fall in the pool. It is also relatively easy for a child to open the gate. To gain access to an above ground pool, the ladder would need to be in place. Most pool ladders flip up and lock, making it impossible for a small child to take it down. For additional safety, the homeowner can put the ladder in the garage or a shed. This makes it much safer for homeowners with children and pets.

Less Water Usage

Over time, water can be splashed out of the pool and the water can evaporate. This would require the homeowner to replace the water. Since above ground pools require less water than in ground pools, the homeowner wouldn’t need to use as much water. This can save greatly on the water bill.

Above Ground Pools in Houston have more benefits than inground pools For more information, Contact us.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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