Benefits Of Custom-Made Retractable Window Awnings Vs. Standard Kits

Unprotected windows can cause an increase in heating and cooling bills during the summer and winter months. The rays of the sun on a window can raise the temperature in your home by several degrees as the day wears on. Retractable window awnings can significantly reduce the amount of heat being generated and collecting in your home, reducing the amount of cooling energy required to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during those blistering summer months.

Custom-made vs. Off the Shelf

Many older homes feature a variety of windows ranging from small to very large. It can be difficult to find the right retractable awning which will provide enough coverage for an area without excessive overkill. Matching the size of the awning can be a challenge when shopping at local hardware stores. Getting a good fit means having an awning which matches the size of the window, but is also in a style that is complementary to the design of the home. While some may have success in finding models off of the hardware store shelves, others will find it nearly impossible to find a do-it-yourself kit fit for some of the problem areas of their homes. In these instances, a custom made awning by a professional company is the best solution.

Benefits of Custom-made Retractable Window Awnings

The first and most obvious benefit is the awning will be made to fit the dimensions of the window, which adds to the appearance and functionality of the product. Adequate coverage will ensure there is enough protection from the sun. In addition to this, there will be a better fit and instead of looking like a mismatched piece, the awning will complement the looks of the home instead of detracting from it. Other benefit to custom-made retractable window awnings is there will be a larger selection of styles and color combinations to choose from. A professionally made and installed window awning is more likely to hold up better under adverse weather conditions, particularly if you have no previous experience in this type of installation.

Another advantage of custom made Retractable Window Awnings is you can retract them when you want to enjoy the full benefits of the sun. They are designed to provide protection when you want and need it, but also to allow you the option of compacting them for periods of time when they are not needed. The retractable option is superior to fixed awnings which are static and difficult to take down and put back up. Fixed in place awnings are also always at the mercy of the elements which can cause unnecessary wear and tear over prolonged exposure. For more information on custom-made, professionally installed retractable window awnings, visit the shade experts found at Eclipse Shading Systems.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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