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Bird Feeding Buying Guide

Buying bird feeders is a good way to keep the seeds fresh and dry. However, not all feeders are equal. Here’s how to shop for the best ones.

Know the types

Find out what the different types of feeders are before you buy anything. You have the hopper, tube and satellite feeders, Dummies says. Know the difference of all three options so you’ll have a clearer idea which ones hit the mark for you and your birds or pets.

Look for quality

Go for options that can last you for many, many years. That’s where good quality Amish-made bird feeders come in. They’re built to be sturdy. If you want feeders that are going to last a lifetime, then put these choices at the top of your list.

Consider cleaning ease

When you browse through Amish-made bird feeders, make sure you pick a feeder that’s quite easy to fill up, empty and clean. If the feeder doesn’t provide all three things, then you’ll want to keep looking until you find better options.

Think about the design

If the design is much too complicated that cleaning the bird feeder often takes tremendous time and effort, then you want to reconsider your buying decision. Go for simpler designs instead. They’re less of a hassle to maintain. You won’t need to waste a ton of time keeping it clean.

Look beyond the cost

Getting cheap bird feeders may seem like a cost-effective move when it’s anything but. If you want to be practical, then go for options that come with durable construction. They may cost you more but you won’t need to shell out more money for a premature replacement, nor will you have to waste time shopping around again. That’s the best way to get value for your money. Pay for durable designs to get feeders with a sturdy built and design.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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