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Brick Cracks In Oklahoma City Can Be Fixed and You Will Never Have to Worry About Your Foundation Again

Brick cracks and mortar separation in a random pattern is a sign that your foundation is sinking. Often, these cracks are more pronounced before they are noticed. There may also be indications of the problem inside the home by cracks where the walls meet the ceiling and around the doors and windows. The basement may exhibit cracks or something as drastic as a wall leaning.

If you see any of these signs of a foundation problem, then you need to call a professional soil engineer to look at your home and write a recommendation of what he has found and what he recommends you do about it. Brick Cracks In Oklahoma City is a certain sign of foundation problems.

The Ram Jack system has been in use since 1986 by the company that is very familiar with the soils in Oklahoma City. The Ram Jack is composed of a number of a number of components, but a major component is the The Ram Jack Steel Pile material. This steel pile has been tested and specifically chosen for it’s extremely high resistance to buckling and bending. Tensile strength tests average 150,000 lbs.

The steel pile and a connector are driven in the ground until they reach a soil plug which creates a solid base for the steel pile to rest on stable soil or rock. It is important that the steel pier rests on strata that will not move.

The hydraulic rams deliver over 70,000 pounds of driving force to the Ram Jack steel pile. The Ram Jack driving head delivers the power to the steel pile, and it does so very fast to quickly install the steel pile for strength. The Ram Jack bracket that lifts the home has been tested to in excess of 100,000 lbs. of force. A home is likely to need several of the Ram Jacks installed in strategic locations. Ramjack.com has a Fan Page where satisfied homeowners have posted highly favorable reviews.

The Ram Jack system will close the bricks up eliminating the visible cracks and the doors and windows will open more easily. The basement will be drier. Of course, some minor repairs will need to be done inside the home, but these repairs can restore the home to its original state. To learn more view website.

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