Burned in Barbecue Explosion? Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in PA

If a man is burned when the grill he was using to cook dinner explodes, he may be able to file a claim with the manufacturer or designer of the grill for damages. He does not have to prove that either of these entities were negligent. Under product liability law, he has to show that the product was designed improperly, it was made incorrectly or that the label failed to warn about improper usage. Even if he was using the grill improperly, he may be able to recover damages for medical costs, lost income or pain and suffering. He should contact a Personal injury attorney in PA for help in evaluating his situation.

When a person is injured and out of work, he may think that he can’t afford legal bills in addition to medical costs. An Personal injury attorney from Pittsburgh, PA will meet with them at no cost to determine if the have a reasonable damages claim. If they agree to take the case, they will take it on a contingency basis. That means that the injured man will pay no out-of-pocket expenses. The Personal injury attorney in PA will only receive a percentage of the monetary settlement that he wins for his client. If he doesn’t win the case, then he receives no payment.

Under personal injury law, the attorney for the injured person has to document their injury and the cost of medical treatment. If the person hasn’t been able to work the cost of lost income must also be calculated. When doctors believe that the person will never return to work and will have lifelong medical issues, these future costs can be included in the damages claim. The lawyer then files the claim amount with the insurance company representing the manufacturer or product designer. They may not agree that the product was designed poorly or that it was made incorrectly. In that case the personal injury lawyer will hire forensic engineers to inspect the grill. They will be able to testify at a deposition or trial about the safety defects in the grill design. Many insurance companies will settle out of court when they are faced with this type of evidence.

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