Calla Lily Bulbs Add a Touch of Elegance

A flower bulb is really an underground storeroom and flower industrial unit. Located within this bulb is almost everything that is needed by the plant to sprout and bloom at the appropriate time. When you look at a calla lily bulbs, you would never fathom the idea that such a beautiful flower could be produced. They are easy to grow and will bloom for the entire summer. The best part is you don’t have to be a garden expert to plant these. If you really love calla lily flowers, you can become your own florist. It’s easy and inexpensive.

Outdoor Beds

If you choose to plant your calla lily bulb outdoors, you need to find a location where the soil drains well. Look for water puddles. If there are puddles five to six hours after a hard rain, find another site or amend the soil with the addition of organic material to raise the level two to three inches to improve the drainage. Place your calla lily bulbs where they will receive bright filtered light or full sun. If your climate gets extremely hot, midday shade is best. Dig shallow holes in which to plant the bulbs. After planting, they should be generously watered to set the soil. Soon, roots and sprouts will begin to form. Calla lily bulbs need slightly damp soil, never soggy. When they bloom, you are free to cut them for flower arrangements. This will not harm the plant in any way.

Planters, Pots, Tubs and Urns

If you choose to plant your calla lily bulbs indoors, you need to fill your chosen containers with a well-drained, good quality soil. Just about any medium available for potting will work. You just need to make sure there are adequate holes in the planter for drainage. When choosing a container size, keep in mind the size of the bulbs in their mature state and plant accordingly. They have the flexibility to be mixed with other plants in the same container, providing they all have the same lighting and watering needs. Similar to planting outdoors, calla lily bulbs need to be placed where they receive full sun to bright filtered light. They should be watered well initially to settle the soil. Once they have bloomed, you are free to cut for your flower arrangements.

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