Celebrate a Sixteenth Birthday with a Chocolate Photo

Birthdays for young children are relatively easy to plan because so many times it is balloons, friends and a pool party. As they get older, it may be more challenging because they want something different than all their friends. Providing their guests with a customized chocolate photo is a great start to using something different.

Birthday Theme and Colors

By age 16, the teenager will be specific about the colors she likes. For instance, if the birthday teen is a girl, she may like yellow and purple. If she has not outgrown balloons, the decorations can be balloons and crepe paper streamers in yellow and purple. The table clothes will be yellow and purple. Scattered over it will be party favors in the form of a chocolate photo of the birthday teen.

Flowers Arrangements

Flowers may be an addition to the party, but the happy birthday teen girl will love the additives in the bouquet. You can even nestle a chocolate photo within the arrangement. These will be placed in the oasis and scattered through the flowers. She will love seeing her picture amongst the flowers.

To really make an impression, the flower arrangements can be multiplied to two or three, all with the same arrangement of flowers and chocolates.

Cake and Candy

The cake can be a large sheet cake with yellow or purple icing. In one corner, place the chocolate portrait of the birthday teen. Scattered over the cake can be coins with the photo on them. Since teens usually enjoy a lot of whatever there is, a nice addition will be jars of colorful candy placed randomly around on the cake table. Other chocolate pieces can be placed randomly on the cake and candy table. If one color of plastic tablecloth is used, the opposing color can be used in crepe paper streamers or ribbons.


When the birthday party is at night, lights are a neat addition to the party ambiance. Something that will provide an additional jazz is to have a strobe light in the patio area where the partying is happening. Lights can be strung around the door or patio gate, and if there is a privacy fence, lights can be place there also. Candles are also fun and add to the celebratory environment. Strings of miniature lights can be placed on the table under the tablecloth to give an extra flare.

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