Characteristics and Benefits of Western Red Cedar Fencing for Your Yard

Homeowners thinking of new fences usually consider the kids’ safety, keeping the dog inside the yard, and keeping uninvited critters out of the garden. They admire the beauty of their fencing and thank their fence company in Winnetka, IL, for installing a structure that muffles traffic noise. They may not realize that an attractive, durable new fence can also enhance curb appeal and increase the value of their property.

Many homeowners choose wooden fences for their natural look and receptivity to paints and stains. If you’re considering a new wood fence, check out these qualities and benefits that make western red cedar a popular choice.


The low density of cedar increases its utility for insulation. Cedar absorbs or sheds moisture in relation to its surrounding atmosphere. Cedar enjoys low shrinkage, and it doesn’t twist or warp.

Thermal insulators keep structures warm in winter and cool in summer. Wood is a year-round insulator, and western red cedar is the best. Conduction of heat through the wood is due to the wood’s density. Air pockets in the wood conduct the heat. Cedar is full of such pockets.

Those air pockets come in handy for absorbing sound. When the vibrations of sound hit wood, they’ve morphed into heat. At this transformation, western red cedar rules.


Cedar contains natural oils that limit rotting and repel insects. It doesn’t need chemical treatment, because it won’t shrink, warp, or need waterproofing. Western red cedar is a low-maintenance wood.

However, if homeowners don’t stain the cedar, the fence, in time, will become weathered and gray. Some homeowners like this effect. If you prefer a different look, then you can simply stain the fence. It doesn’t need sealing or other chemicals.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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