Choose Magnetic Name Tags For Your Event

Virtually all businesses, associations, and organizations use name tags, otherwise called name badges, to identify wearers by their name, affiliation, and status. These name tags are incredibly useful in sorting and compartmentalizing people into their respective groups. There area few forms of name tags including hanging, pin on, and magnetic. Tags are most commonly made of plastic and can be reusable. Of the three types, the hanging and magnetic are associated with the least damage. Pin on tags leave pinholes in expensive work shirts or uniforms and can cause tearing of fabric. While hanging tags are not as damaging, they can still become caught on items and jolt the wearer or come off completely.

Magnetic Name Tags – have risen in popularity in the last decade because they are durable, reusable, and strong. Users do not have to worry about the tag ripping their clothing, coming unhinged and poking them, or falling off. The complete device has a magnetic backing that attracts the front portion, in which the name is written or engraved. If anyone doubts the strength of a magnet, try pulling two negative and positively charged magnets apart. To wear these products, users must put the backing underneath their shirt by the left or right breast and move the name portion in front of the shirt in the same location for the backing to attract its counterpart. Removal of magnetic name tags must be done gently to preserve the product. The backing must be slowly twisted upwards to lessen the magnetic charge.

The front portion of these badges is most often made of plastic which can be engraved with the user’s name, company, or logo. A variety of color options are available include black and white, blue and yellow, purple and white, or red and white. The backing can be made steel or aluminum. If the front plate is made of steel, the backing will attract without any other product. If the front is made of aluminum, the fastener must have an adhesive steel backing to attract. Before purchasing a name tag, prospective buyers should consider whether the backing will tarnish the clothing. For example, Martin Awards uses a nickel-plated brass fastener to eliminate the chance of tarnish.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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