Choosing The Best Programmable Logic Controller To Improve Your Automation Processes

Programmable logic controllers have been used for years to improve automation functionality for a number of different applications. These devices make it possible to program different pieces of equipment in different ways, without needing to write dozens of separate program instructions or manually turn the equipment on or off. A programmable logic controller, or PLC, uses input from switches, sensors, and other sources to electronically tell such things as pumps, fans, valves, relays, conveyors, lights, and motors when to activate or deactivate, making the automation process smooth and simple.

Evaluate the Environment
Before you purchase a programmable logic controller, there are a few evaluations you should make about the environment where the controller will be housed. Write down this basic information before you start looking at specific PLCs:
* Whether the PLC will be powered by AC or DC power
* How many and what types of inputs and outputs will be needed
* Whether or not the PLC will need to be controlled remotely
* Your network connectivity requirements
* Any potentially hazardous environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures

Compare Programmable Logic Controllers
There are so many different types of programmable logic controllers on the market that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Start by researching manufacturers. You will want to buy a PLC from a company that is experienced and qualified in the installation of their products, and who has a focus on energy-efficient products. Browse that manufacturer’s products, ruling out every PLC that doesn’t fit inside your environmental requirements. You should have a manageable list of products left. Compare these based on their speed, memory capacity, software compatibility, and, of course, price.

Some PLCs can work with several different types of programming software. This software will be used to program your PLC initially, and to make any changes to the programming in the future. It should also put out data for you to compare information on different projects, and make troubleshooting easier. Make sure that the software you can use for the PLC you choose comes with a testing tool, easy access to data logs, and a user-friendly communication process.

Rely on a Company You Can Trust
Many times, your best option for choosing the right
Programmable Logic Controller for your specific applications will be to get help from a professional who is experienced in automation. Your specialist should be able to use the data you provide about your workplace, or even inspect the place for you, to provide you with the highest quality PLC that can fit inside your budget. The experts at Five Star Electric have over 100 years of combined experience with automation processes in every type of industry and environment, and will be with you from start to finish making sure that your programmable logic controller will increase the productivity, functionality, and efficiency of your workplace.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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