Choosing the Ideal Luxury Apartment

As you search for a place to stay you need an apartment that will best suit you and your loved ones. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, luxury apartment rental in Nairobi is prepared to provide for your needs. With various room sizes and features, you will be able to choose the apartment that is right for you.


Apartments start with the studio arrangement. Studio apartments are designed with an all-in-one room approach. The kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedroom are all housed in a large single room, enabling you to enjoy the open space. These apartments are designed to house one or two adults.

Deluxe One Bedroom

For a slightly larger room, you might consider booking the deluxe one bedroom apartment. This one is similar to the studio apartment, except for the fact that the room is separated from the other parts of the apartment by a wall. It also has about 88 more square feet than the studio. This is also designed to house up to two adults.

Attic Deluxe One Bedroom

If you prefer more space and romantics, try the attic version of the deluxe one bedroom apartment. With nearly double the square footage of the studio apartment, this apartment really gives you space to stretch out and relax. It gets its name from the quaint attic living space with a spiral staircase. Take a few steps upstairs to see what beauties luxury apartment rental in Nairobi has to offer.

Executive Two Bedroom

For a party of four, you might find that the executive two bedroom set is better for your needs. This apartment is equipped with a master bedroom and additional bedroom with two twin beds. Whether you are traveling as a family or with a group of friends, this apartment provides more than enough room for everyone involved.

Attic Executive Two Bedroom

This apartment is similar to the attic deluxe one bedroom and is designed to house four adults. Instead of a living space in the attic room, however, the beautiful spiral staircase leads to the master bedroom. This apartment is great for those who love open space and an adventurous climb.

Superior Three Bedroom

For the best in the luxury apartment rental in Nairobi, try the superior three bedroom layout. This apartment is designed to house up to six adults, providing needed room for large families or groups of people. This spacious apartment is large enough to provide privacy for all six people but cozy enough to keep the party close and personal.

As you search for the luxury apartment rental in Nairobi, consider the many options available to you and your family, friends, and associates. With rooms of various size and layout in the luxury apartment rental in Nairobi, you can choose what works best for you. Visit Website for more details!

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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