Climate Control Storage: A Necessity For Fine Art

Climate control – this is a term we have heard about. We tend to associate it with art galleries and museums. Vaults that contain valuable artworks or a room which contains a valuable collection may have climate control. Yet, it should be considered a necessity for storage facilities when it comes to art. Climate control storage in Los Angeles is not difficult to fine, but you need to be certain it is truly what it says it is.

Defining Climate Control Storage?

Storage can be indoors or outdoors. It can be a large warehouse or small units. Most climate control storage units tend to be indoors. The size of the facility may vary. Yet, the facility is characterized by the ability to maintain the temperature of the units at approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to stabilizing the temperature, the facility also maintains the relative humidity at a certain level. This is usually close to 55%. Of course, some climate control storage can also vary the temperature and humidity to match the demands of the specific piece of art. In the case of marble and composite art pieces, the temperature and humidity can be at lower or higher extremes than for those comprised mainly of wood such as antique furniture or specific frames.

Assumptions about Climate Control Storage

The basic assumption behind maintaining an even temperature and humidity level is based on a general, but usually valid, assumption. This hypothesis assumes that all forms of artwork are kept properly preserved under these conditions. However, if the facility is truly knowledgeable and cares about the art in its custody, it will realize that certain factors could alter its overall approach. Among the aspects to consider are:

  1. The particular items that are to be placed in the storage unit

  2. The length the item will be left in storage

  3. The geographical location of the storage facility

This is not to negate the current approach of moderation. It still remains the best route for you to take to ensure your artwork is protected while in storage. Climate control storage will act faithfully to prevent temperature extremes from cracking it or moisture from entering the unit and causing water damage.

If you need to place your prized artworks whether it is furniture, a triptych or a sculpture, do not simply rent the first available storage unit. Opt for one that is safe, secure, clean, and has climate control. Storage in Los Angeles of this type is available. Do sufficient research and you will be able to leave your precious items there for as long as it is necessary. You can then go on that trip or rebuild your home knowing that every single piece is safe from harm.

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