Comparing Features on Different Types of Walkers in Ledyard CT

When the legs are no longer as steady as they were in the past, it helps to invest in a walker that makes it easier to get around. Walkers in Ledyard CT are available in a number of designs, and come with all sorts of features. The trick is to choose one with the right combination to make the walker functional and comfortable for the user. Here are some tips that will help. Adjustable HeightMost of the better types of walkers in Ledyard CT can be adjusted so they are the ideal height for users. This is important, since the point of the walker is to help with balance and make it easier to move around. If the walker is too short, that means the patient will have to bend over in order to use the device. One that is too tall will place additional stress on the arms.

Rollers and BrakesIt also pays to look at walkers that are equipped with two rollers on the front, and a braking system that can be activated with ease. This combination is especially helpful when the patient does not have the body strength or the balance to pick up the walker, move it forward, and then move the legs in the same direction. With rollers, it is possible to inch the walker forward, use the brake to hold it in place, and then move the legs forward with ease. Padding When it comes to the hand rail that provides the place to grasp the walker, consider looking at models that include padding on that rail.

This makes it all the more comfortable to grip the device for longer periods of time. It also comes in handy if the individual goes outside during cold weather, since the padding will remain warmer to the touch than bare metal. For help with choosing the right walker, get advice from a primary care physician or a physical therapist. Take the time to look at several different models, and always try out those designs before making a purchase. Doing so will result in securing a walker that offers the right amount of support and is easy to use.

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