Creating and Inviting Atmosphere whit Fireplaces in Ferndale WA

When considering ways to remodel home, many homeowners consider adding or restoring an indoor fireplace. An indoor fireplace is more than a unit that heats a room. Fireplaces in Ferndale WA also make the room feel more cozy or romantic. There are many different types of indoor fireplaces available to purchase. Listed below are some more the common fireplaces that homeowners choose for their home.

Types of Fireplaces

Fireplaces can fall into four main categories, wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces, and electric fireplaces.

  • Wood burning is typically what many homeowners think of when they think of a fireplace. There are many options that differ in terms of how easy they are to install, how much they give in heat, and how cost-efficient they are. Wood burning fireplaces can be a traditional open hearth, an enclosed fireplace, a fireplace insert, or a wood-burning stove.
  • Gas fireplaces- a fireplace that uses a gas burn, burns more cleanly and typically creates more heat at a lower cost. They also require much less construction to install. They offer an attractive and alternative view to traditional wood-burning indoor fireplaces.
  • Ethanol burning fireplaces – ethanol fireplaces have become the current trend, as they are easy to install and have a contemporary design. It is easy to find a design that fits well with any decor or budget. Ethanol fireplaces are clean and odorless.
  • Electric fireplaces- an electric fireplace is the most cost-effective option of all types of fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are relatively easy to install and they enable the homeowner to turn the heating function on or off while maintaining the fireplace ambiance.

Fireplaces in Ferndale WA have many advantages for a homeowner. Advantages include the following:

  • Inviting atmosphere- whether the homeowner has an open hearth, a fireplace insert, or a wood stove, fireplaces provide an inviting and warm atmosphere for family and friends to gather around.
  • Heat – winter storms often cause electricity to go out. Having a fireplace allows homeowners to keep themselves warm and still have plenty of light.
  • Cost-effective- a fireplace can cut electricity costs, as it is more efficient to purchase firewood for a wood-burning appliance than to heat the home using utilities that depend on fossil fuels.

The fireplace can be a good investment for any home. It is important to contact a professional for assistance in installing the unit. For more information, visit for all your fireplace needs.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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