Cremation Middletown is a Viable Alternative to the Traditional Funeral

Cremation is a widely recognized method of preparing a loved one’s remains for burial. Religious objections have been overcome and society in general acknowledges the cost-effective benefit of a cremation. There are some guidelines for the family and visitors to respect which may not be obvious.

The cremains are sacred just as much as a body in a casket. The cremation Middletown funeral service deserves the same considerations which a funeral with a casket deserves. The people who come to the funeral home prior to the funeral should honor the family in the same manner they would if the deceased were in a casket.

Cremation Middletown can be far less costly than the traditional casket funeral. Of course, the deceased can be embalmed and laid in an open rented casket. This brings the funeral to the more traditional type, and the burial will follow the cremation after the funeral. The benefit to this plan is it provides more closure for some people. It is also more costly if the family has limited financial resources.

The funeral director at John P. Condon Funeral Home can arrange a beautiful service for a person who has been cremated just as he can for the deceased in a casket. The directors have had enough experience with funerals involving cremains which enable them to create a loving and memorable environment for the funeral.

The Catholic Church endorses offering a Funeral Mass with the cremains present. Most all other denominations also offer a religious celebration of the life of the deceased with the cremains present. It is proper after the funeral to bury or place the cremains in a crypt as soon as possible. This would follow the religious teachings of all faiths.

Some people choose to keep the cremains in their home for a period of time. This often results in the cremains being discarded by someone who doesn’t know what they are, or they are too distant from the last family member to care.

Embalmed bodies eventually return to ashes so the cremation process just hurries it along. When viewed in the light of a body returning to ashes over many years, cremation becomes more acceptable to many people. Click here for more details.

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