Dealing With A Clogged Drain? Plumbers In Waukesha, WI Can Help!

When the plumbing works, you most likely never give it a thought. Turn on the faucet and the water goes down the drain, just like it is supposed to. A load of laundry or dishes is no problem either, if the drain is clear and the water flows freely, but if the drain is sluggish or clogged, trying to use the water can have an entirely different outcome. Taking a shower can quickly have you up to your ankles in water and the dirty dishwasher water may bubble up in the kitchen sink, causing a big mess. If this happens, you’ll need to call one of the Plumbers in Waukesha WI, to unclog your drain and get the water flowing again.

Clogged drains happen for a variety of reasons. An older home, with an established drain field, may have problems due to age or roots in the system. Roots can grow into the lines from trees planted too near the drain field. There are certain landscape plants that should not be planted near that area and others that are OK. Speak to an expert to know the difference. Flushing items down the toilet, that should not be flushed, can also cause clogs. Some of the most common items to clog the drain are feminine hygiene products, baby wipes and cleaning wipes. These items may say they are safe for flushing, but they are common culprits in clogs. Kitchen grease is also a big “no-no” for pouring down the drain. When the grease hits the cold pipes, it will solidify and make a hard clog that is difficult to break through without the help of a plumber and his tools.

When water problems arise, you’ll need Plumbers in Waukesha WI right away. Websites, such as, will help you get in touch with the plumbers you need to get the water flowing again. They’ll do what’s necessary to clear out the clog, and also give you advice to keep it from coming back. With some careful attention, you can help avoid clogs from returning to your pipes, allowing the water will go down the drain the way it is supposed to. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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