Dental Implants in Hoover Replace Teeth and Look Natural

It is very emotional for a dental patient to learn that they have to lose a tooth. Often they picture a huge gap in their smile or the hassle of having permanent bridge to care for. Dental Implants in Hoover can easily replace the missing tooth. After they have been put in place, the patient can care for them like they would any natural tooth. Implants are so realistic no one will know that they aren’t a natural tooth. An implant can be inserted as soon as the jaw and gum have healed from the trauma of having a tooth extracted. Patients can get more information about the process at

A dental implant should be inserted into the jaw as soon as possible. Once there is no tooth root to support, the jaw bone starts to deteriorate. Eventually it won’t be strong enough or large enough to support an implant. If a patient still wants to pursue a dental implant, an oral surgeon would have to perform a bone graft to strengthen the jawbone first.

The dentist inserts the dental implant into the patient’s jaw. It takes about six to eight weeks for the jaw to full accept and incorporate the dental implant. A porcelain crown is then placed on top of the implant. The result is a very natural looking tooth. If the patient has regular dental checkups and brushes and flosses regularly, the implant and crown should last for decades.

Dental Implants in Hoover are also used to make the lives of denture wearers more pleasant. Often these people worry about their dentures slipping when they are speaking or eating in public. When dental implants are used to anchor dentures, this is no longer an issue. The implants are inserted at several places along the jaw. Instead of being topped with porcelain or metal crowns, small metal balls are attached. These fit into grooves that are placed on the bottom of the dentures. In the morning the person takes their clean dentures and snaps them on to the metal balls. The denture wearer no longer has to worry about any embarrassment associated with their dentures.



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