Developing A Subdivision? Hire The Best Real Estate Attorney In San Diego

Residential development is a complicated process. It’s necessary for developers to find and purchase vacant land that meets many different criteria. Then they have to hire a variety of professionals including architects, surveyors, and engineers to create the development design. Before they can actually build the project it has to go through a rigorous review process. That can mean obtaining approvals from many different local, county, state and even federal boards and agencies. It’s important for the developer to find the Best Real Estate Attorney In San Diego to help him through this process as quickly as possible.

Real Estate Attorneys In San Diego are familiar with California’s strict environmental laws and know how to minimize their costs on each development. They’ve worked with the professionals who review projects before and can help the developer know what issues are important. They’ve also made many public presentations and know how to move public opinion to support the project. When review agencies begin to set conditions on the project the lawyers make sure that those conditions are legal and reasonable.

Sometimes environmental groups or residents who abut the project area will object to anything being built on a parcel of land. They will hire their own lawyer to stop the project. Often they just keep asking for more studies and tests. They hope by delaying the project for months or even years, the developer will lose the financial ability to continue the review process. The Best Real Estate Attorney in San Diego has been through this many times before. He can reassure the review agencies that his client will be happy to submit all reasonable and necessary documents to ensure that his project is environmentally sound. Traffic engineers will prove that the streets can handle the traffic. Hydrologists can address any concerns about water quality and flooding.

The lawyer has to make sure that the approval permits are written so that they will stand up on appeal. Nearby residents can often appeal development approvals to the city council or county commissioners. If that fails they can file a lawsuit. With the proper approvals in place, the lawyer can push through the appeals as fast as possible. This lets the developer start to make money as soon as possible.

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