Different Types of St. Petersburg Irrigation Systems

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What is an Irrigation System?

An irrigation system is when water is applied artificially to soil or land. A St. Petersburg Irrigation system is typically used to help with growing crops, help with maintaining a landscape, or refreshing dry areas of soil during periods that the areas of soil do not get enough rainfall to replenish itself. There are also several different types of irrigation systems and they all have different purposes and functions. The types of irrigation systems include:

Surface Irrigation Systems

Localized Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation Systems

Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Lateral Move Irrigation Systems (also recognized as Side Roll or Wheel Line)

Sub-Irrigation Systems

Manual Irrigation Systems

Automatic Irrigation systems

The source of the water that an irrigation system in St. Petersburg uses tends to vary from one system to the next. The most common source of irrigation water is ground water. It is typically extracted by using wells or from springs. Surface water is also the source of water for irrigation systems from time to time. Surface water is typically extracted from lakes, rivers, or reservoirs. Surface water can also be extracted from less conventional sources such as drainage water, treated wastewater, or desalinated water.

There is also a special type of irrigation system that uses surface water. It is called a spate irrigation system. It is also commonly referred to in the irrigation industry as floodwater harvesting. It is a system that diverts water during a flood using a network of gats and dams in order to redirect the water to otherwise dry riverbeds. This type of irrigation system is extremely popular in areas that are prone to flooring as it turns the natural disaster into something good.

Why is Irrigation So Important?

Just fifty years ago it was a common misconception that water could be considered an infinite resource. During that time there were far less people on the planet. The people were not was wealthy and they did not require as much water to produce their food. Irrigation systems are important because water is important and too many people all around the world take advantage of water assuming it is always going to be there.

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