Digital Signs for Restaurant DriveThrus Make Sense

Studies have revealed that restaurant drivethru menus are proven to increase the sales of the restaurants if they are bright and engaging. It is calculated that about 70 % of the sales are made at the drive thru windows. Digital Signs for Drive thrus hold the key to boosting the sales for fast food chains. You can see the following two examples:

  • Burger King found a 64% increase in sales and within one year with the help of Digital Signs for Drive thrus.
  • Also, UK based prime Burger found a 50% increase in sales after implementing digital signage-based menus.

Drive thru digital signs gives you the edge

Digital menus for drive thrus can give you some of the most promising features over static boards such as variety of color options, graphic options and design options. Also, with the help of digital menus, option of Instant Update is possible. One can easily change the content for the customers. Customers will get attracted by the special content and rush will increase.

Tim Butler, president of WAND, a leading provider of digital menu technology says, “Coming into a restaurant with a static menu experience can be a bit of a letdown, and out of sync with customer’s expectations,” digital menus are the new and advanced technology – A smart way to transform the customer experience. We can’t call it as the replacement over static, it is an enhancement to the way.

Today people need “WOW” in any case. They expect digital content which they can receive through smartphones, televisions and computers also. They need good brand. So, advertisement is quite important for your restaurants. We are not saying that quality is not important but before coming to your quality, you need to attract them. This is only possible if you will install Digital drive thru menus for your business.

Digital drive thru menus at the drive thru can serve multiple functions at once. Have a look on

  • Presales
  • To upsell
  • To run promotions
  • Segmenting menu items

Presale includes to promote a newly menu item at the drive thru entrance. It will help to generate a view of the visitors and you will get the traffic. To upsell signage can feature ticket items to make people into the additional purchases. Also, Digital Menus for restaurants can be used to present eye-catching food items deal promotions. Segmenting the menu items point customers to your bestselling menu items and speeds up the number of orders processed in minutes.

Restaurants are cashing in on drive thru digital signs because they know how to attract customers, speed up the drive thru lane and improve the customer experience.

Digital Drive thrus menus have an important role in increasing the turnover of the all the restaurants at road side. Many visitors that are in search of food while travelling see the boards and go to that restaurants. So, we can understand how Digital Menus for Restaurants effect the sales and profits.

Spending on the Digital Signs for Drive thrus is not the wastage, it is small investment to get the huge profits.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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