Disabled and Can’t Work? Call a Social Security Attorney in Wadsworth, Ohio

When Americans get sick and aren’t able to work, there are very few government programs available to help them. Their only real hope is the Social Security disability program. Even then it can be difficult and time-consuming to be accepted into the program. In fact, applicants are surprised that they have to wait twelve months before applying, because the Social Security program is intended to help people with long-term disability issues. During that first year, disabled people are expected to live off of their savings, use an employer-based disability program or have family members support them. When it is time to apply, it’s smart for them to bring in a Social Security attorney in Wadsworth, Ohio to help with the application process.

Many applicants are rejected because they didn’t understand the process. They and their doctor spend too much time documenting their illness and not enough time documenting that they are not able to work. There are many sick people, who can work. The disability program is intended to help those that can’t. Therefore the application answers prepared by the Social Security attorney in Wadsworth, Ohio at the law office of Perduk, Hamey & Associates focus on the tasks required to do their job. The disabled applicant must state what machinery they used in their job. They must also list the types of intellectual and emotional skills that they need to do their job. If a person had to stand at a cash register all day and was no longer able to do that they would be disabled. Especially if their employer agreed to let them sit on a tall stool or take more frequent breaks. If their back was still to sore or weak to accomplish the task they would be disabled.

Many people applying for Social Security disability are too weak to complete the process on their own. They may still be in the hospital or rehabilitation center. The Social Security attorney in Wadsworth, Ohio can work with them to determine how the questions should be answered. They can fill out the forms based on that conversation and have the disabled person sign it. The lawyer then makes sure that it is submitted to the proper office.


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