Disputing Fault After A Car Accident Case

As a vehicle owner, you will encounter an accident or incident of some sort at one point or the other. In most cases, especially when you are not at fault, getting the insurer to compensate you for the damage is not usually very hard. However, there are times when you could be 100 percent confident that the accident was the fault of the other party, only to find that the other party s disputing fault. When this happens, you will need to play your cards well lest you miss out on compensation, or even end up paying.

Proving fault

The process of proving fault is not always as simple as it seems. This is the reason drivers are advised to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Kingston WA as soon as they discover that they are facing a disputed fault case. The lawyer will help you collect the following evidence:

  • Physical evidence: This is anything connected to the accident that can be used as evidence. For instance, if another driver was attempting to run a red light and rammed into you, the damage will likely be at the front of their car, and the dent would be on the side of your car if you had a green light. Photos of these damages, debris and skid marks will be of great help.
  • Eye witness accounts: If the accident didn’t happen in some deserted road, you are bound to find a few people who actually saw what happened. Note that the innocent bystanders will not have a vested interest in the litigation, and the jury will be inclined to believe them.
  • Call the police officer: In case traffic police don’t show up at the accident scene, make sure that you inform them if the damages are more than $500.

Having a lawyer is important when it comes to dealing with these cases. This is because if you and the other driver have a fault dispute, the other insurer will not want to compensate you for the damages, especially in the absence of a lawyer. Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Kingston WA is the best way to win these cases. Click here to read more about dealing with accident cases.

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