Do I Need a Probate Lawyer?

by | Sep 17, 2020 | roofing

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Probate is unpredictable. If you have been named the executor in the will of a family member who just passed away, you will have to handle the distribution of his or her estate. You will need to deal with banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions during the process. Just when you think everything is going smoothly, someone turns up with another will to contest yours. Who do the banks pay out to? You may need to prove at court that you should be given the grant of probate, or the power to handle the affairs of the deceased. You will need a probate lawyer to guide you through the legal process.

When is probate required?

Probate is a process that protects banks and financial institutions. If there were two wills, both legal, naming different beneficiaries of the estate of a deceased individual, it could lead to complications. That is when a bank will require the executor of the will to obtain probate, or prove that he is indeed the rightful trustee for the estate.

Another situation when it is required is if the deceased owned real estate. This cannot be bought or sold without probate.

Why do I need a probate lawyer?

There are many reasons why hiring a lawyer is the smart thing to do at this stage. You have just suffered a loss, and are likely to be grief-stricken. It will come as a relief to have someone capable take care of the legal processes involved.
Moreover, you may not be aware of the process of filing for probate. There are forms to be filled, the grant to be obtained. There is a lot of work involved, and someone who knows all about the process can help you.

Probate can lead to messy family disputes, which is very likely the last thing that you want under the circumstances of your loss. Handling a case of probate on your own may lead to bitterness that an attorney can help you to avoid.
Because of the complications of legal processes, it is possible to make a mistake. An attorney will be insured for cases in which he or she makes an error. You, however, will have to pay out of your own pockets should you do so.

In cases where there is a specific deadline given to you by the beneficiaries, within which to act on the Will, a lawyer who is aware of the procedures will be quicker in obtaining probate than you will be. He or she can guide you through the process of not only obtaining the grant, but also administering the estate in the way the deceased would have wanted.

If you need a probate lawyer in Silverdale WA is home to many professionals who can give you legal counsel. Take their help to make the process of obtaining probate smooth and painless. Ease the grief for you and your family, and carry out the last wishes of the deceased with the respect they deserve.

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