Do You Require Dental Implants in DC?

Dental Implants in DC are artificial roots that can replace lost tooth roots. These implants are firmly anchored in the bone, used to support crowns, bridges or dentures (false teeth). In general, after implant placement, surgical sites can be uncomfortable but not painful. Painkillers and antibiotics are appropriate for the procedure and will control the discomfort. The patient will have no issues following 10 days after surgery.

Dental implants are machined titanium. This metal is completely biocompatible. All scientific studies show a perfect tissue tolerance (bone and gum). Titanium is the reference material for most implants. Rejection does not exist because the implant does not behave like a foreign body. However, there are failures as in all surgical techniques. Implant failure is rare and is the cause of any aggravating issue. Indeed, after a time of healing or sometimes immediately, a new implant can be put in.

The overall success rate of dental implants is 98.5% provided you follow the indications, surgical principles aseptic and post-operative advice of your dentist. Tobacco is very harmful and limits the success rate in implantology. Indeed, in heavy smokers the success rate is lower. Your “new teeth” will require regular monitoring. Clinical and radiographic controls should be carried out every 6 months for the first year and annually thereafter. Daily maintenance should be performed by the patient and is crucial for the future of their implants. Oral hygiene after each meal is essential for natural teeth and implants.

The different edentulous (without teeth) regions can sometimes be treated conventionally (bridge or dentures). However, these options have drawbacks. In fact, bridges are supported by each other through the adjacent teeth. It therefore requires a sagging of healthy teeth. Furthermore, with braces, the patient’s comfort is often random. Dental Implants in DC have advantages of having a fixed prosthetic; to regain natural chewing and phonation. It also maintains the integrity of the adjacent teeth, which will help you to obtain a natural aesthetic result. Dental hygiene is needed to regain a youthful and natural facial appearance. Implantology is a surgical activity requiring special training. You can get more information here or contact your local dentist to learn more.

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