Employees Working Remotely? Why You Need Endpoint Protection NOW

Once upon a pre-COVID time, employees only worked from home if they were sick or unable to come into the office for a day or two. Maybe they were working on a special project that had to be part of a collaborative effort, and therefore they would work from home then too. Now, almost every office employee works from home.

It is unusual in the present situation to have an employee working in the office, and almost every employee has learned to work on an employer-issued laptop from home. While that’s all great, what isn’t great is your cybersecurity issues. Now more than ever you need antivirus endpoint protection. Here’s why.

You Can Bet Those Work Laptops Are Being Used for Surfing and Other Break Time Activities

Work laptops, unless your company has very strict rules about using them for anything but work, are being used for everything from checking social media to searching for holiday gifts. As such, it exposes your company’s proprietary information to would-be hackers if your antivirus endpoint protection isn’t up to snuff. Getting program security to cover all of those employer-issued laptops for employees working remotely should be a primary focus right now.

It Only Takes One Bad Email to Infect the Whole Company

Cybercriminals are getting smarter and smarter. They can send your employees an official-looking work email and the minute one employee opens it, it releases a virus that ruins that laptop. If that laptop is remotely connected to your company’s entire system, you are going to see major problems for weeks. Protect everything now.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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