Essential Gravel Driveway Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Your main job as a homeowner is to keep the inside and outside of your property functional and appealing. Having a great looking driveway is no accident and will require a fair amount of work. For years, homeowners have chosen to use gravel as their driveway paving material of choice due to its cost-effectiveness and durability.

Once you have found the right gravel supplier and have paved the driveway on your Herkimer, NY, home and business, maintenance should be your main focus. Failing to properly maintain this type of driveway can lead to a number of long-term problems.

Properly Fill Potholes

Generally, the biggest problem you will face with your Herkimer, NY, home’s gravel driveway is potholes. Over time, moisture and continued use will cause these holes to form. The longer you avoid properly repairing these holes, the more damage you will do to your driveway and your vehicles. Some homeowners think all you need to do is obtain gravel from a reputable gravel supplier and toss it in the pothole. However, the best way to make a pothole repair last is by digging out the hole completely and filing it with layers of dirt and gravel. Packing these layers down each time avoids having to fill the same spot again in a short amount of time.

Issues With Flooding

Another problem you may face with your gravel driveway is issues with flooding. Most gravel supplier companies will recommend elevating your driveway if this is a continuing problem. By making the driveway higher than the ground around it, you can avoid issues with proper draining.

With the help of the right Herkimer, NY, area supplier, it’s easy to address these and other issues.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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