Evaluating The Law With A DUI Lawyer In Martinsburg, WV

West Virginia laws enforce penalties that apply to drivers who choose to drive while intoxicated. The implied consent ruling enables law enforcement to demand that the driver submit to chemical testing. According to the laws, any driver who makes the conscious choice to drive while intoxicated is giving law enforcement the right to conduct testing. Any failure to comply results in a suspension of their driver’s license.

Zero Tolerance for Minors

Under these laws, minors are punished for a reduced blood-alcohol content reading. Any minor caught driving with a blood-alcohol content reading of 0.02 percent, or higher is guilty of DUI. If convicted, the minor receives a license suspension and a fine between $25 and $100. They are required to use an ignition interlocking device. After their license suspension concludes, they are required to pay a reinstatement fee. Minors accused of this infraction should contact a DUI Lawyer in Martinsburg WV immediately.

Adult DUI Charges

Penalties for any driver over the age of twenty-one begin with a license suspension, ignition interlocking device for 90 days, and the possible jail sentence of up to six months. The fine for the first conviction is between $100 and $500. If the driver’s blood-alcohol content reading is above 0.15 percent, they incur at least a 45-day license suspension. Beyond this suspension that are required to use the ignition interlocking device for nine months. The fines are increased to $1,000.

The Administrative Hearing

The driver could face additional driver’s license suspensions through the DMV. The agency will issue an immediate citation upon receiving a report for the DUI. To prevent the license suspension initially, the driver must request a hearing. During this hearing, they can utilize legal representation to fight the charge.

Drivers who are accused of drunk driving should contact an attorney upon their arrest. While the implied consent ruling does apply, they have the right to refuse until their attorney is present. This could delay the breathalyzer test to allow the blood-alcohol content reading to decrease. This tactic could prevent a conviction in some cases. To learn more about possible defenses, contact a DUI Lawyer in Martinsburg WV by visiting website today.

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