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My Pilgrim Cleaners are a premier cleaning service in Edina/Richfield MN and have been keeping your clothes clean for over three generations now. Being a family owned and operated business, they take care of all your clothes like their own. From dry cleaning to laundering, preserving and even altering, Pilgrim Cleaners are your one stop shop for all cleaning services.

Not just that, they take cleaning a step ahead making it a whole new experience for you. Features like same day cleaning and signature on file make it quicker for you and if you like to take your time, free Wi-Fi and friendly customer service make cleaning a breeze. So come to Pilgrim Cleaners today and experience laundry like never before.

Pilgrim Cleaners Offer Same Day Cleaning At No Extra Cost

If you forgot to drop your evening dress for dry cleaning until just before the party, don’t worry. Drop your dress with us any time before 11 am and we will have it ready for you before evening on the same day, at no extra cost. This way you save precious time and always have clean dresses for every occasion.

Apart from same day cleaning, Pilgrim Cleaners also give you the option to call in an hour before you plan to arrive to pick up your laundry and we will keep it folded, packed and ready for you. Add to that our Signature on File and you save even more time. We will bill your credit card directly and you won’t have to spend time in a queue waiting to sign receipts. So you just walk in and walk out without losing a single minute.

Pilgrim Cleaners Clean Everything

From fine fabrics and exquisite garments to table linen, pillows, bedspreads and even you hockey accessories, we clean up everything you want cleaned up. We have specialized machines and procedures for different kinds of materials and hence, we don’t mix delicate silks with coarse yarns. Everything is cleaned exclusively and carefully taking due care to protect the softness, shine and color of your clothes keeping them looking new and fresh for longer.

Pilgrim Cleaners Offer an Experience More Than Just Cleaning

While you are here, you can use our state of the art washers to do your own laundering if you choose to. If you’d rather just wait while our professional staff cleans for you, enjoy out free Wi-Fi. At Pilgrim Cleaners, you receive more than just cleaning, you get a holistic experience complete with care and customer service.

Whether you wish to have your regular clothes laundered or the finer dresses dry cleaned, pilgrim cleaners do it quick and do it well. Visit at Mypilgrimcleaners.com for more information.





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